OCV Dietitian Research

Chemotherapy for breast cancer treatment can result in weight gain for unknown reasons. Being overweight or obese can not only increase the risk of developing breast cancer but can also increase the risk of recurrence for women who have already been diagnosed breast cancer in the past.

The OCV Dietitian will be conducting research together with our OCV Oncologists on the effect of weight loss in women with breast cancer who are overweight or obese.

The study involves following one of two diets, the Daily Energy Restricted diet (DER) and the Intermittent Energy and Carbohydrate Restricted Diet (IECR) to be followed for a period of six months during neo-adjuvant and adjuvant chemotherapy treatment. Both diets involves a reduction of energy intake as must only be followed with the approval of your Oncologist and ongoing support of the OCV Dietitian.

The DER diet involves a 25% energy reduction of your recommended daily intake, which equates to approximately 6276kJ (1500Cal) for seven days per week following a Mediterranean-type diet. THE IECR involves a 25% energy restriction of your daily intake, which equates to approximately 2266kJ (540Cal) and less than 40 grams of carbohydrates for two consecutive days per week. The remaining five days involves following an unrestricted energy Mediterranean-type diet.

We have provided two sample days of each diet below for those who are interested. These are samples only and not suitable for everyone. Please consult your Oncologist and Dietitian to see if this would be suitable for you.

Intermittent Energy and Carbohydrate Restricted (IECR) Sample Diets:

OCV IECR Diet Sample Day 1

OCV IECR Diet Sample Day 1

OCV IECR Diet Sample Day 3

If you have been diagnosed with early breast cancer and about to commence or have recently commenced chemotherapy treatment and interested in partaking in this study please contact the OCV Dietitian on Ph: 1300 300 977.