Don't just take our word for it. Here's what our patients are saying:

"I just wanted to say how much I value the exercise classes and input provided by Lachlan Terry.

He has the gift of comfortably interacting with us all to make it fun! He doesn't just individualise, motivate and mentor clients but facilitates creation of a support group by introducing everyone in the class to one another (multiple times as he understands such things don't stick!!) I catch up occasionally for coffee with two other ladies from the group, the informality of which I value.

Lachlan seems to have eyes everywhere, knowing exactly when to intervene to correct poor technique, introduce a new challenge or share a joke.

The program made such a difference to my symptom management during chemo and I was surprised that though I lost weight, I maintained the same muscle mass pre and post.

He also helped manage shoulder injuries sustained during radiotherapy, reduce backache from an old disc injury, reduce stress and give a positive sense of accomplishment. I can't thank you enough for providing such a unique program."

Gratefully, K.R.

"I wish to pass on my grateful thanks to The Team at OCV Cabrini Brighton.

Having been diagnosed with breast cancer / following  surgery and reconstructive surgery I was then referred to Michelle White at OCV for follow up treatment -it was then The Team kicked in.

Following chemo / hospitalization and returning home the back up from everyone has been amazing.

Apart from Michelle's fantastic support, Zillan then Susie - Dietitian's were so very very helpful  and both set me back on track.

Then Lachlan  - I cannot express to you enough how his support / enthusiasm and managing such a well run programme has set me up for the future.

One year down the track [ with all treatment completed ] I am now taking a 3 month holiday in Europe.

Lachlan has set me up with a forward plan[ [ which I intend  to follow as much as I can ] and I fully  intend to re-join his group sessions  on our return to Australia

I cannot express  to you  how worthwhile the exercise side of the on going therapy has been for my future well being, and I believe my  continued progress for a healthy lifestyle for many years ahead.

Just as an aside - Lachlan creates such a friendly environment for all his group that I now meet up with many of my ' offsiders ' for coffee and find it such a supportive environment  -  a wonderful offshoot  from the original programme but one which is  so encouraging for us all in the future ahead.

Thank you to all THE TEAM involved."

Kind Regards, L.R.