OCV Clinical Nurse Consultant in Oncology...

What is a Clinical Nurse Consultant (CNC)?

A Clinical Nurse Consultant in oncology is a registered nurse who has done additional tertiary training to specialise in cancer nursing care.

The OCV Clinical Nurse Consultant is available to assist with the coordination of care, facilitation of referral to allied health services, to clarify information regarding treatment and care, to liaise with the clinical team and to offer psycho-social support throughout the treatment experience and following completion of treatment.


Clinical Nurse Consultant Services

Support and Information Provision

The period following a diagnosis can be an anxious and confusing time. Cancer affects many aspects of life for both the patient and their carers, including physical, emotional psychological, spiritual and practical everyday concerns.

The Clinical Nurse Consultant is available to all OCV patients for clarification of information, referrals to external support services such as the Cancer Council of Victoria and the Breast Cancer Network Australia . The CNC also conducts small group information sessions relevant to cancer treatment such as dealing with cancer fatigue, sexuality and cancer and managing common side effects.

Injection Service

Many treatments are administered via injections which do not require admission to hospital.

The CNC coordinates an injection service for treatments such as Denosumab, Faslodex, Zoladex, Prolia and Somatuline.

Oral Therapies

Some treatments for cancer come in the form of tablets that can be taken at home away from access to the nurse support available in a hospital setting.

The CNC is available to offer patients on tablet therapy phone support to help manage side effects and address any concerns that occur.

Walking Group

The CNC also assists the Exercise Physiologist to coordinate the weekly OCV Walking Groups.