OCV and billing for your treatment


A current referral is necessary to enable you to claim your Medicare rebate.  The referral you have received from your specialist will only last 3 months.

Therefore you will need to gain a 12 month or indefinite referral from your GP.

Outpatient Visits (Medicare reimbursement)

For all outpatient visits not associated with therapy, we request payment on the day.  If you have a valid Medicare Card, we can submit your invoice/receipt to Medicare directly on the day of the visit. 

If you have your details registered with Medicare, your reimbursement will be deposited into your nominated bank account within 48 hours.  The doctors of Oncology Clinics Victoria charge Australian Medical Association recommended rates and do not bulk bill.

Day and Inpatient Treatment (Private Health Fund reimbursement)

Our doctors do not charge a “Gap Fee” payment whilst you are having treatment or if you are an inpatient in the hospital.  For any therapy administered in the Day Chemotherapy Ward or the Oncology Ward there is no fee.

The doctors at Oncology Clinics Victoria have entered into arrangements with most private insurers to cover all of your doctor's charge, meaning you will not have to contribute towards the doctor's bill out of your own pocket. In most cases you will never see a bill for chemotherapy and other day and inpatient treatments. Please clarify this with your insurer, as there are rare exceptions.