Exercise and the Festive Season

Exercise Christmas Exercise

It’s that time of year again. Time to dust off Michael Buble’s Christmas album and get out the Christmas lights. The silly season is officially upon us, and despite our best efforts to moderate our socializing and maintain some healthy balance, the draw of families, friends, and regular celebration make it a challenging time to stick with a regular exercise routine.


In my industry (exercise), Christmas time consistently proves to be the most challenging time of the year for all my clients to maintain an exercise routine. Exercise is a regular casualty of a busy lifestyle and is often neglected because we are tired, distracted, unmotivated, or it is simply not prioritised.


Bearing this in mind, I thought this an opportune time to offer a couple of tips that I regularly give to my clients at this time of year. Nothing fancy, but hopefully helpful!


Make exercise your social thing- Without doubt, Christmas catch ups and social engagements dominate the festive season. It is a time for family and friends. Why not replace a few coffee shop meets with a walk with friend in the park instead. It’s a handy way to kill two birds with one stone, and your exercise routine doesn’t suffer. The exercise only needs to be as much as you can handle and may be as simple as a walk around the block. The company of a friend may even inspire you to move more regularly. Always remember that some exercise is better than none.


Make exercise accessible- not having the time to get to the gym at this time of year is a common barrier to exercise. Why not bring the gym to your home? A home exercise program is the cornerstone of every strong body and the easiest way to stay consistent and reach your activity targets over the holiday period. All you need is a mat (or soft carpet) and a resistance band. If you would like some guidance with a home exercise routine, book an appointment with our Exercise Physiologist’s who can prescribe you a targeted and appropriate program.


Make exercise a priority- we make time in our lives for things that are important to us. The simple fact is, exercise is arguably the most powerful natural method for assisting in your fight with cancer. It should be a priority! The overwhelming physiological and mental health benefits that exercise bring provide a platform for not only a strong mind and more robust body during treatment, but a speedy return to normal life post treatment.


Keep it enjoyable-. This is the most underestimated secret weapon of any well-considered exercise program. Keep it fun. We are more likely to exercise frequently and consistently if we enjoy it. If you’re having a bad day, exercise somewhere scenic or listen to your favourite music. If you’re exercising inside, set up a television or movie so you can watch it while you exercise. Do whatever makes exercise most enjoyable for you and enjoy the benefits.


So there it is, I hope this helps you on your way. Remember that when it comes to exercise, keep it consistent and listen to your body! Merry Christmas